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Your letters

I would like to write two replies and add a comment, please.

I had the misfortune to sleep under a huge wind turbine on Dartmoor about five years ago in a howling gale and I never heard a thing from wind turbines, and Green Court, as the crow flies, is about a third of a mile.

Compared with blades on Dartmoor of 100ft each, those proposed at the port are... not 100ft each.

Every year, we get the same old thing about fireworks. It’s the humans that get distressed, not the cats and dogs. Is it not lovely to see colour in our skies twice a year? It is called history, 400 years of history, and for two to three nights leading up to the great event of November 5, usually 5pm to 9pm. Then December 31 at midnight for 30 minutes. This is fairly new to us all, having only really started 25 years or so ago.

So come on everybody, enjoy the fireworks and start planning for next year and beyond.

This is a comment. On Saturday, November 15, I went to the Saturday matinée of the Southwick Opera show The Matchgirls, written by Bill Owen (Compo in Last of Summer Wine).

What a lovely vibrant show it was and I learned a lot again about history from 1888 and striking.

The interesting fact is that nothing has changed in 126 years. We are all still working long hours for a pittance of pay, still striking.

At least we do get more money per week now but a lot of people are on zero hours contracts, or three to six-month contracts and I feel that we are going back to those days.

Mark Flower

Holmbush Close


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