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I do hope readers of your article last week, in which Tim Loughton implied that UKIP councillor Mick Clark was deliberately delaying progress on the footbridge car park and Ferry Road changes, pause to think.

Following your publication of my letter on this subject a few weeks ago, councillor Clark took the trouble to contact me to discuss things.

My understanding is that he is trying to help some of the local shops by retaining some of the local parking bays. Anything which helps motorists and provides more parking, gets a tick in my book – especially if it involves only simple changes.

I also note Tim Loughton’s broadside delivered to Beach residents, and applaud his work for disadvantaged children and controlling intrusive travellers (and giving support for a new slipway).

His possible dislike of UKIP is also understandable, but his depiction of Mr Clark as a pariah councillor is open to criticism. I would like to see your paper give more space to Mr Clark to defend his actions in this instance.

This letter is deliberately not trying to take party political sides. I have never understood the role party politics tries to claim in local government; long live Shoreham Beach independents.

Mike Wooldridge



Editor’s note: Mr Clark was given ample space in which to defend himself in the piece referred to and he has since contacted reporter Joe Riddle to say he was happy with the article in the Herald and that it was well balanced.

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