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Your letters

I would like to thank the travellers who camped on Southwick Green for pointing out to me and all Southwick residents that we no longer need the pay and display car park in Southwick Square.

My mother-in-law asked the parking enforcement person (who was actively ticketing a vehicle in Southwick Square) if he was going to put tickets on the travellers’ vans and cars parked on the grass and was told no.

Now that we know that it is not a ticketable offence to park on the Green, I for one will be using the grass to get a bit closer to the shops without paying or risking a ticket if I should stay too long.

Or is this another case of one law for us?

Perhaps, as we do not need the pay and display car park, the council could develop it into a campsite for Irish travellers. At least it has public toilets adjacent and is conveniently close to the NHS doctors in the Manor Practice.

Mr E Roberts

Sandown Road


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