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Your letters

There has now been a compromise on Ropetackle, agreed by the council last Monday (Herald, February 19), but if I had a sign taken down and put a massive sign up in its place, it would have been taken down immediately.

Ropetackle was the name of the site since the 1500s and Basepoint had no right to put up a sign without permission.

Because they got such bad publicity, Basepoint made a retrospective planning application and have added ‘Ropetackle’ back into the name.

Now there has been a compromise and it’s to put Basepoint @Ropetackle.

I’m not wholly satisfied. How can anyone just rip a sign down and replace it?

Harold Moore

Marline Court

Little High Street


• Editor’s note: Adur District Council planning officer Peter Barnett said: “In terms of an application for advertisement consent, we cannot dictate the subject matter of an advert, we just have to decide whether or not it is visually acceptable.

“The Basepoint lettering is very similar in its appearance to the previous lettering that was there. It is one letter less, in fact, and in terms of visual amenity of the area, it is very difficult to argue that that has a worsening effect.”

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