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Your letters

I have received a copy of the licence approval conditions for the airport concert application, which the authority announced last Wednesday.

I wish to draw your immediate attention to condition 61, which states that the daytime level of sound of 75dB(A) 15 minutes LAeq must be set by the licence holder.

To my knowledge, and this was mentioned at the hearing, the licence holder’s sound consultant will be adhering to the Noise Council Code of Practice (which that consultant actually was party to writing in 1995), which sets a much lower level of sound level for open sites like the airport. Incidentally, there is no later version of this code, which the Noise Council confirmed to me before the hearing.

The recommended level for urban/rural sites (the application actually called the airport a greenfield site) is much lower and calls for a level of 65dB(A) over a 15 minute period.

I would like it confirmed that this level can be re-addressed and agreed to in the ongoing negotiations of the event management plan.

The nuisance from noise is a major concern of the community and a 15 per cent increase in levels which need not be applied will make this concern even greater.

In the interests of the community, I have asked the council to confirm the above clause can be revised to meet the lower level of 65dB(A). Failing this, could the council provide an explanation why the higher level has been agreed?

Bill Freeman

secretary, Lancing Manor Residents’ Network

Manor Way


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