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Brian Comber’s letter, headed ‘Close to a riot’ (Herald, March 26), sadly reflects the depths both local and national politicians will sink to in an attempt to persuade voters to vote for their party in the impending elections.

In no way was the meeting in question a disaster. Never once did the chairman shout in the manner he described, neither did the whole audience shout back.

I, in fact, was one of the audience seated in the back row and a few people voiced their concern that due to the packed hall, little could be heard. As a result, we were invited to move to the empty rows of seats in the front, which many people did, quite happily, without the need of ‘being herded like sheep’ as described by Mr Coomber.

At the beginning of the event, the chairman, as was normal, explained to those present that it was not a public meeting but that residents were invited to attend and, at the discretion of the chairman, could raise any relevant queries.

The formal statement read by the chairman was made at the close of the meeting, not the beginning.

As for the distribution of grants to local community groups, it certainly did not total ‘thousands of pounds’, as exaggerated by this gentleman, who, I recall, was the same councillor who a few years ago, when a member of the planning committee, complained about a letter he had received from the Shoreham Society, claiming he had no knowledge of the said society and was unable to contact them, when in fact, he was a paid-up member (I was chairman of that society at the time)!

I am afraid, contrary to his proud contention that he and his colleagues on the Adur bridge committee thought they had sorted things out, the opposite was true, as has been well documented in the press, but alas, Mr Coomber and his colleagues endeavoured to lay the blame on everyone else.

I have to admit I am wondering whether Mr Coomber had actually attended the same CLC meeting as me, as it is abundantly clear his recollection differs entirely to that of my own and many others who had attended.

Beryl Ferrers-Guy

Southview Road


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