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In her statement on the proposed takeover of the musculoskeletal services by BUPA CSH, Marianne Griffiths, chairman of the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says it would ‘have serious clinical and financial implications that, if not mitigated, would seriously affect the care we are able to provide for patients in our hospitals’ (Herald, December 25).

My dictionary’s definition of mitigate is ‘to make milder or less intense or severe, moderate’, but any sale of these services will be to a private firm, which I, for one, would not support.

So, let us know the full truth behind the proposal that one of the services of the NHS should be put into the hands of a private firm which, of course, does not do its work for nothing.

Answer, please, so that the electorate can understand clearly.

P. W. Watson

Sussex Street


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