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Your letters

I was intrigued to read on Wednesday, March 11, the political sketch of Ann Treneman in The Times, when she was talking of a debate in the House of Commons.

Her sketch went as follows:

“There will be much responsible dancing in the streets,” cried Tim Loughton, he of the Tory naughty bench, swaying ever so slightly, “if the Chancellor completes a hat-trick of beer duty cuts in his budget and much responsible celebration if he cuts duty on spirits.’

“Responsible dancing? Responsible celebration? Does he live in Britain?

“But there will be much wailing and irrepressible disappointment if he does not reduce the duty on wine!” he cried, saying ‘duty on Chardonnay had risen 54 per cent since 2008 alone’.

“If only the budget could bring treble-whammies all around,” he cheered, voice rising alarmingly, saying that ‘dropping the duty on wine would generate some £3billion in extra revenue and 20,000 jobs’!

“Mr Loughton was definitely swaying now. I felt thankful he had not actually broken into song.”

All in a day’s work for our MP.

John Stevens

Corbyn Crescent


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