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Your letters

I think it’s important to not be against something just because it’s new.

However, despite their assertions to the contrary, I’m left with a strong impression that Adur District Council, the promoter and the owners of the airport have sneakily attempted to fly the pop festival at Shoreham Airport under the radar.

Perhaps the parties involved have behaved legally but have they behaved morally? If they had, I’m sure concerned residents would have heard about this event much sooner.

Now it seems ‘lessons need to be learned’. I’m sure lessons need to be learned only because of the criticism from residents.

Mr Mendoza (Dozy’s Rambles, January 15) is quite right to wonder who is going to see all the money that will be brought into the area by this festival. I would be very surprised if anything more than a pittance finds its way into the local economy.

He is also quite right to highlight shortcomings with transport into the airport. How many buses will be needed to ferry festival goers to the railway stations, and which ones? Shoreham station is far from large.

Doubtless there are guidelines as to the maximum number people that can or should safely be accommodated.

How will the promoters address queuing? According to the Manchester Evening News, there was a stampede at the end of the Parklife event in 2014 to get to the buses at the end of the concert, caused, it would seem, by a lack of stewards.

Unlike Manchester, Shoreham is not blessed with a comprehensive public transport system. I simply do not believe the promoters when they say that festival goers will not come by car. Not to have adequate car parking provision is at best wishful thinking, at worst stupidity.

Residents local to Parklife in Manchester also complained of festival goers using front gardens as latrines and needed to sit up all night in order to protect their property.

Judging by the inability of the police to put an end to an illegal event in Dolphin Road, Shoreham, I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for the police to put a stop such behaviour.

Nor can I imagine the council having the resources to clear this kind of mess up. ‘Parklife problems 2014’ on Google makes for interesting reading.

Who is going to pay for the policing of this event? Do the police have the recourses to deal with any problems of a large scale? The illegal rave in Dolphin Road would suggest they don’t.

I’m left with overwhelming feeling that the views and concerns of local residents about safety, nuisance and noise pollution seem to count for nothing when large sums of money are involved.

I suppose it was ever thus.

Ian Sawyer

Eastern Avenue


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