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Shoreham is gradually losing communally owned infrastructure, and very soon there will be nowhere for the ordinary man to repair his boat.

In recent years, Shoreham has already lost its best hards – Humphrey’s Gap and Stows Gap. Now we are about to lose Surry and Tarmount Hards, without provision of an alternate facility, surely the least we should expect?

There has been a problem with dumping of vessels on the hards. Their proper use is for inter-tidal repairs to vessels. In modern times, there has been a need for them to be used by trailer sailers who have struggled through the accumulated mud and detritus to launch.

Even though Surry Hard is surfaced though, no-one bothers to scrape or wash it down.

Over years I repaired many vessels on the hards, mostly for people who could not afford to be lifted out by crane or expensive boat lifts, or fishermen anxious to get back to work. If the people of Shoreham do not act now, we will lose another part of Shoreham life, though should we succeed, it will be a little dark in the shadow of a seven-storey behemoth.

I urge all your readers to contact their district and county councillors.

Richard Packham

Riverside Road


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