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Your letters

I would like to reply to Barry Mishon regarding having a cycle lane on the new footbridge.

Before the bridge was built, a questionnaire was available from the developers and I believe one of the questions was whether or not a cycle lane should be used.

I, for one, through experience, said no. The footpath that runs alongside Widewater to Lancing had segregated lanes installed when the path was refurbished a few years ago. Before this, it was a generally shared path with no markings.

Once the new lanes had been installed, all hell broke loose!

Whereas before the path had been happily shared by all, cyclists now had what many of them seemed to believe was their own racetrack, and heaven help you if you got in their way.

I stopped, like many others, using this path to walk my dogs, having had many near misses with cyclists who, as they had their own lane, didn’t seem to be prepared to stop or give way, or even see why they should.

Almost every time I walked there with my dogs there would be some sort of altercation with an angry cyclist with a torrent of verbal abuse being received by any pedestrian or their dog who had dared to stray off course.

I remember letters being printed in the Herald at the time by worried pedestrians and the council received plenty of complaints, resulting, eventually, with the lanes being completely removed and the path being reinstated as shared by all with pedestrian priority.

I assume Mr Mishon, or his many supporters, never used this path at the time to experience the problem? I would like to assure him and anyone else asking for lanes on the bridge that that is not the answer.

If you think there are problems on the bridge now between pedestrians and cyclists, and a cycle lane does get put in, then as the saying goes ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet!’.

C. Dowling

Kings Road


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