LETTER: Work to make voices heard

Thank you for putting your faith in me on Thursday and voting me onto the Adur District Council with a 29 per cent increase in the Labour vote.

You can be sure I will work tirelessly to ensure that residents’ views are heard on the New Monks Farm development. That is my promise to you.

Additionally it’s my intention to make sure Lancing is prioritised when it comes to council budgets. We need investment in our high street and beyond. I will put Lancing first. I can also report that the result of this by-election has generated a huge amount of coverage on social media with particular interest in the name ‘Mash Barn’ with some eye-catching tweets such as ‘you mashed the opposition’ and ‘worth a visit to try out its potato based delicacies’. It’s a great ward name but this belies the fact that it was formerly known as ‘Marsh Barn’, and there the debate comes full circle.

Lee Cowen

Greet Road, Lancing