LETTER: The lost joy of letter writing

The pavements are getting worse in Beach Road, outside Marine Gardens.

I said to the mayor, why not make people who are out of work clean them to earn their benefits instead of sitting watching TV?

Another thing I think is wrong is couples being allowed to stay in their three of four-bedroom council houses.

When I was young you had to have a means test to have a council house.

It seems unfair that families have to live in a tiny house just because older couples are allowed to stay in their three and four-bedroom houses.

Years ago they were made to move to smaller houses.

As I always say, I am glad I was brought up in the days when people cared about others, it was a much better world.

No TVs, no smart phones, people talked to each other.

I feel sorry for the youngsters of today who don’t know the joy of writing and receiving a letter.

Peggy Brassett

Granville Road