LETTER: Strikers deserve our support

Let’s not be hard on ASLEF and the RMT for their continued industrial action. It is the travelling public they are protecting.

Last Tuesday I was at Fishersgate station at night returning to Shoreham.

The station was, as usual, completely unmanned and open to any pedestrians who cared to wander through. While I was waiting for my train an announcement came over the tannoy saying that if I needed assistance boarding the train please call... and I was given a number.

If I had needed help how would that have worked on a driver-only train? The driver presumably would have been contacted from the call centre and himself have been expected to leave the train to provide the promised assistance. How can that possibly be safe, or accomplished within the demands of the timetable?

I would far rather place my trust in the men who hands on know what it means to run a train service and be responsible for passenger safety than Govia Thameslink who are concerned only with their profit margins.

I travel often and like everyone else am frustrated by the present appalling level of reliability of our train service. But I think the RMT and ASLEF deserve our support, the responsibility for this stalemate lies elsewhere.

Jennifer Kharibian

Upper Shoreham Road,