LETTER: Stop wasting taxpayers’ cash

I see that, yet again, a number of the glass side panels on the Shoreham Ferry Bridge have been shattered by vandals.

It would seem eminently sensible to me for the council to stop wasting taxpayers money replacing ‘like with like’ and follow the example of Worthing’s Splashpoint leisure centre. It has now boarded over similar panels on the beach side of its building with a white, hopefully yob-proof, material in order to defeat the morons who have, time and time again, lobbed rocks at the glass ones.

It would be interesting to know why, having fitted the bridge with a CCTV camera, no-one has ever been arrested, charged and found guilty of causing criminal damage to the panels. Or did the council decide to save money and only installed a dummy one?

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent, Lancing