LETTER: Scandalised at lack of help

Recently, I have made a career change which has meant I have sold my home, resulting in the end of a tenancy agreement with my long-standing lodger.

The council have been given two months’ notice of the sale and end of the tenancy, and are aware that my lodger is disabled and in his mid 60s, yet they inform me he will need to find suitable housing for himself in the private sector which they will help towards the rent once he has sorted something out.

Putting myself in his shoes, this means he might be facing moving every six months, with very few rooms available that are ground floor.

Is this really what council housing has come to these days? An elderly disabled resident gets no help at all? No chance of council run accommodation for the rest of his days? I am pretty scandalised by this turn of events I must say.

Suzannah Stacey

Lloyd Goring Close