LETTER: Road closure not a closure...

Firstly, may I congratulate the organisers of the Worthing Half Marathon for organising the best weather we have had in Worthing for some time.

However, I do not congratulate them for the management of the road closures. We spent the first hour or so watching the runners at the various crossing points in Grand Avenue, and were appalled at the number of times that cars violated the ‘road closures’, all with various excuses as why they should do it.

Grand Avenue’s south end should have been completely closed to traffic and there ought to have been sufficient marshalls there to ensure that that was the case.

We could only see one marshall and he was stretched between two crossings and clearly unable to do anything about stopping the cars.

At one point, there was even one car driving in amongst the runners, until it got to a junction to get out of the flow.

How long will it be before someone is hurt by the mad drivers that we have in Worthing, who think that a road closure does not need to apply to them, irrespective of their various excuses?

Robert Leng

Honeysuckle Lane, Worthing

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