LETTER: Reserve social housing for GPs

My wife and I are registered at Selden Medical Centre NHS GP Services. We have long been aware that they have had considerable difficulty employing permanent GPs. Until very recently we had four agency locums and one permanent GP.

Thankfully this is no longer the case as two part-time GPs have very recently been taken on.

But the general point remains that these agency locums, though we are grateful for the service they provide, must be costing the NHS a fortune, money we are told it can little afford.

Part of the problem is, I believe, the ‘broken down property market’ which is at it’s worst in the South East. Such that young newly qualified GPs are unable to afford private accommodation.

Is it not high time that some social housing be reserved for GPs in particular property hotspots such as Worthing?

Jeremy Hulland

Meadow Road