LETTER: Polite notice: leave us alone!

Well, I am amazed. Something actually worked.

I downloaded a ‘No trickers or treaters please’ poster from the Sussex Police website, displayed it on our door and lo and behold not one single follower of that absurd Hallowe’en tradition invaded our privacy.

My thoughts now turn to inevitable arrival during mid-December of the next clutch of (in our case) unwanted groups of itinerants purporting to be Christmas carol singers, whom, if history repeats itself, pay less attention to their dubious renditions being sung in tune and more attention to swelling their charitable coffers. Perhaps those like us who have no desire for their appearance should also have the option to display a polite ‘Go away!’ poster.

I wonder whether the police would support that as well. OK, so here are my thoughts on the wording for such a poster:

‘No carol singers please. Christmas is a time to be at peace with the world. In this house we are at peace with the world. So, we are asking you politely, turn around, walk away and leave us in peace’.

Martin Carter

Roundstone Drive,

East Preston