LETTER: On the issue of dog fouling

Further to Michael Drummond’s article (last week’s Herald and online) asking views on dog fouling laws, I’m going to slightly side-step that (nothing worse than legislation on the soles of your shoes) and say in my view the issue isn’t the law, it’s the attitudes and habits of dog owners.

Far too many walk their dogs off the lead in public parks/greens without staying conscious of what their pets are doing. It’s simple, really – walk behind your dog, not miles in front of it. Then you can’t miss the action.

Take a couple of bags and make the little extra effort.

Save a child’s sight (yep, animal mess, including that of foxes and cats, can carry nasty parasites).

And let’s not talk about the determinedly antisocial people who actually watch their dogs dump and then walk on, leaving it on the ground. Sick!

Mike and Jane

Marine Drive