LETTER: Nothing further from the truth

In his letter ‘If no bypass, then a flyover’ (Herald, February 8), Chris Gould somehow asserts from my letter published on Thursday, February 1 – and copied below – that I am in favour of flyovers along the A27.

LETTER: If no bypass, then a flyover

Nothing could be further from the truth and, frankly, if the scheme he and his chum Lionel have dreamed up gets any further than the trash bin all sensible Worthing folk would be outraged and take to the streets.

‘Following an article entitled ‘Calls for a bigger A27 Plan’ in this month’s issue of The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation magazine, it seems a partial dualing of the A27 is back on the table. This follows the widely discredited Highways England scheme to only tinker with the various junctions, and the visit to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling by local MPs calling for more money to build ‘flyovers’ over the Offington and Grove Lodge roundabouts. The article quotes Highways England’s Alan Feist, who is responsible for the improvement to the A27, when he says that a ‘hybrid’ option of two flyovers and online dualing of the existing carriageway between the junctions is currently being looked into. Clearly such a scheme would be welcome news for the many tens of thousands from many parts of the country who suffer holdups as they pass through the north of the town. However, such a scheme would only inflict more stress on those fearful their homes might be affected.’

John Hughes

Welland Road, Worthing

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