LETTER: More strain on failing roads

There appears to be very one-sided reporting of the current consultation, and options, regarding the A27 bypass at Arundel.

Be it in the papers or on the TV, we only appear to be hearing from a very vocal minority who are opposing all options that are on offer.

The anti-road campaigners, along with the ‘not in my back yard’ residents of neighbouring villages are certainly making their voices heard. However, it would be nice to see this addressed with some acknowledgement that a vast majority of Arundel residents, commuters and local businesses are in fact in favour of an offline solution. At a recent Arundel Parish meeting, held to hear the voices of Arundel residents, speakers in favour of an offline bypass outnumbered those against by approximately 4:1. West Sussex County Council have come out in favour of option 5a, along with Arundel Town Council, local chambers of commerce and many other town councils in the area. The benefits of a fit for purpose offline solution, as promised all those years ago, would be felt throughout the local area and the region as a whole.

We are all aware that Arun district has some very aggressive targets for housing, and those houses will be built. We need to ensure that the infrastructure in the area supports both the housing needs, and also local businesses. Otherwise the new houses will be filled with people who need to commute even further for work, putting further strain on a currently failing road network. Only an offline solution can future proof the area for years to come.

B. Evans

Ford Road, Arundel