LETTER: Lamentable lack of imagination

Asking Highways England to come up with further proposals for tackling congestion on the A27 is an unhelpful response by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to an ill-considered campaign by our local MPs.

By its nature Highways England will look only at road solutions (the clue’s in the name), but the need is for a far smarter and wide-ranging approach.

Increasing trunk road capacity with bypasses and new junctions helped when population and traffic levels were as they were decades ago, but with the amount of housing development now taking place in our region, this simplistic solution will just move the worsening bottlenecks about and make the situation progressively worse.

Expensive attempts to ease blockages on the A27 will count for nothing when gridlock closer to home prevents us getting out of our own streets!

What is clearly required is a strategy for reducing car usage, but such behavioural change will happen only if we develop creative, easy-to-use and inexpensive integrated transport systems.

This is way beyond the remit of Highways England, and for our politicians to expect them to fix the congestion problem with more tarmac shows a lamentable lack of imagination and foresight.

Ray Chandler

The Drive