LETTER: Lala land lagoon not pie in the sky

In response to the letter from Derek McMillian (Herald, January 25), ‘Lagoon in Lalaland’ the Conservative leaflet did not boast about the proposed lagoon.

It was part of a small item about beach-front regeneration which, in turn, was taken from the council’s vision and aspirations for the future of Worthing.

Without such visions, aspiration and strategies, Worthing would stagnate.

Many such comments were made when the new swimming pool was proposed, but the project went ahead and is a success.

Worthing council continues not only with a vision and aspiration for the future of the town, but also with practical support.

The purchasing of Union Place after years of frustration and stagnation to push forward the development of the site.

Preparations for the demolition of Teville Gate’s multi–storey car park are ongoing with the aim of regenerating the whole area.

As for La La Land, the film was the vision of one man, who, despite criticism continued with his inspired idea, and as we know the film was a great success. It won every category for which it was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards.

So, perhaps, a Lagoon in La La Land is not such a pie in the sky after all !

Charles James

Press Officer,

Durrington Conservatives,

Downview Road, Worthing

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