LETTER: Is it such a crazy idea for bypass?

In Opinion last week Gordon Hayes says that ‘routing the Worthing bypass via the Steyning bypass is absolutely crazy’ but is it?

I live in Findon and if I am going to Brighton I head north to Washington, then east along the Steyning bypass and rejoin the A27 at Shoreham. On the way home I do the same route in reverse and generally it takes two minutes longer than going down the A24 to join the A27 at Offington corner, but if those roads are in their usual gridlocked state it can be quicker going via Steyning.

As Mr Hayes says tunnels would be the best option, but the cost would be astronomical. Chichester and Arundel are both applying for funds from a limited pot to upgrade their existing bypasses but Worthing is the only town where the A27 passes through a residential area and should take priority.

George Parker

Stable Lane, Findon