LETTER: Infrastructure – can it cope?

Am I the only one that thinks that the current development on the old Parcel Force depot in Shoreham looks like a former Yugoslavian shopping centre?

But aesthetics aside, where is the infrastructure for this development? Many people are still searching for the increased infrastructure that some may have expected to accompany Ropetackle.

Increased local infrastructure must precede any development – specifically new roads, but also doctors, schools and actual room to move around without high-rise, overpriced, ‘luxury’ eyesores and gridlocked traffic to blot the previously scenic coastal landscape.

One wonders of the price of these dwellings, will they be truly affordable by local standards?

For what we need in Shoreham is properly thought-out social housing that will be truly affordable by local wage structures with a high percentage earmarked and specifically reserved for locals with a local family connection!

What of the clear effect of the increase in traffic on the already ‘toxic’ high street (both in terms of air pollutants but also gridlocked traffic) by this development? Where are the extra roads to cope with the increase in cars?

Have I missed something here or can any of the local councillors who voted for this assist me with the details of the missing infrastructure together with how they intend to retain the local character of Shoreham and provide the truly affordable housing that the local community so desperately needs, without gridlocked traffic and a life-threatening reduction in air quality? Also, what of the effect on the various birds and wildlife that call the river and local area home?

How will this development add to the already desolate ‘high street’ with its local restaurants that are now approaching ‘London’ prices, non-existent weeknight trade and weekend nights that now end (in terms of trade) earlier than ever before.

Many traders like me are (I think) justifiably bemused – and, what’s more, fearful for their living. Just some thoughts. Perhaps a kindly local councillor can help with the detail...?

Sean Ridley

Brighton Road, Lancing

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