LETTER: Great news for former cinema

It is great news that the former Luxor cinema in Lancing is to be converted from its present neglected condition into 12 flats and a shop, which will really lift the centre of the village.

According to the Herald the community will gain £33,000, from something called off-site provision, which I would like to see being used for the benefit of local youngsters.

I often see numbers of them meeting up with their friends in the vicinity of the station, where all there is for them to do is sit on the seats and walls chatting.

Perhaps our parish councillors can put their heads together and come up with something that could be of practical use to our young people, as opposed to spending this windfall on something that simply makes the village look nice; for example, the huge, round stones that got installed in North Road’s Queensway.

As far as the shop is concerned, thank you but we already have enough estate agents, eateries – 16 at the last count between the Farmers pub and the Co-op – charity shops and undertakers.

What would be really, really good would be a proper, spacious Post Office, as opposed to the ‘squashed-into-a local-shop-apology-of-one’ that we have now been given, but that is probably asking too much!

Eric Waters

Ingleside Crescent