LETTER: A nuisance, and a costly one...

About three weeks ago I went to open up my car parked outside my house to find that someone had used what looked like a air pistol shot to the screen.

It was in such a position that it had to caused by someone standing over the car. After getting in touch with my insurance company and the windscreen fitters the first thing I had to do was to pay £100 excess. I am an OAP.

When the screen was fitted I noticed that the panels down each side of the screen were loose, so I asked the fitters to return. Unfortunately they could not solve the problem, so they have had to order new panels and fixing lugs which they delivered to me. As this has to be fixed by a specialist I took the car to be checked by a firm in Chichester, petrol paid for by me of course. All in all this has been a nuisance and a costly one.

Robin (Rusty) Briggs

Winchester Road, Rustington