LETTER: A ‘Bogworthing’ conurbation?

Twenty-thousand houses for Arun district is a town the size of Littlehampton – spread about.

What do we expect after that? A ‘Bogworthing’ conurbation and gridlock.

The Arundel Bypass scheme has three alternatives, all of which will ruin the Crossbush-Binsted countryside approach to Arundel. Then there will be untold new ‘improvements’ that are ‘needed’, due largely to population increase in England generally.

We have had 60 wasted years since the Second World War, in which this country could have been stabilised in population and infrastructure needs. It will not be popular amongst impractical ultra-liberals, but every country in the world needs hard borders in order provide rational globalisation with protection of the environment and culture.

R.W. Standing

Sea Road

East Preston