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Your letters
Your letters

I would like to say three things, please.

Why were we not informed of the public meeting in Southwick the week before? I was out all day on September 18 and started to read said paper at 8pm (one and a half hours after the meeting start time, so not a lot of help).

Personally, I think that the council wants to shut down Southwick Square. They don’t like it. The rents need to drop and bring back free parking with discs of a maximum of two hours in the Square and the parking behind it.

When did the two Lancasters fly over Shoreham? When I was at the airshow, we were all told the Canadian one was grounded for the whole of that weekend, August 30 and 31, as it had to have a new engine fitted.

We have been told on live television that each Scot will get £1.60 each from us, the tax- payers, into their system.

Well, if that`s the case, I want Southlands Hospital kept open at all costs.

Why have they spent millions of pounds on it in the last 15 years for them to close it down? Leave it be. Use it as a cottage hospital, which in some parts of our county is what is being done and that is what we need. Roberta Edwards (letters, September 18) is so right in what she has put.

No wonder I hate management so much, as they never listen to common sense at all and they are all on £150,000 per year, while us poor pensioners are only on £9,000 a year or less, with no swanky cars to drive around in.

Get rid of the managers and save billions of pounds and then all hospitals can stay open. I’m sure our MP, Tim Loughton, will have something to say about this situation.

Mark Flower

Holmbush Close


Editor’s note: News of the Southwick public meeting was put in the Herald as soon as we were able to and it was also put online the day before. Notices of the meeting were posted in many of the shops in Southwick Square in the run-up to the meeting.

The two Lancaster bombers did a fly-past over Shoreham on September 14. They had appeared together at Goodwood Revival and flew over Shoreham to make up in some way for the airshow disappointment.

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