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I am once more compelled to respond to Mr John Catchpole (Herald letters, February 26).

He cites the result of a 2011 survey between two locations, the Memorial Playing Field (MPF) and a piece of Wiston Estate land opposite Steyning Leisure Centre, as evidence of opposition to Steyning Parish Council’s skate park plan for the MPF.

Following investigation by the council, it was found the latter was unaffordable due to ongoing lease costs and the dangerous Horsham Road.

There was no ‘over-whelming public opinion’ against the MPF. Neither the council or myself called the later Town Poll or public meeting, in favour of the MPF, a mandate.

I find it impossible to reconcile his contention that the FoMPF ‘are in total support of a skate park’ with the fact they have done everything, including litigation and denigration of skateboarders, to prevent one being built.

Mr Catchpole knows the FoMPF planning application for the grammar school site, irrespective of planning approval, would not come to fruition. All stakeholders opposed it for many sound reasons, including cost and health and safety grounds.

He asks me to abide by the 2011 survey and, by implication, ignore the later results in favour of the MPF site.

The only misinformation and inaccuracies continue to come from Mr Catchpole and the FoMPF.

May I remind him, too, that planning law allows me to apply for permission to build a skate park in his garden, but it would be less than sensible of me to incur such costs knowing that he would say no ( just as the school has).

It is up to the council, our elected representatives, to resolve this impasse, including the many questions raised about what should (or should not) be allowed on the Village Green. The laws are strict and must be applied fairly for all residents

Mike Kelly

Kings Stone Avenue


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