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Your letters

Since I mentioned that the council should have, as soon as possible, a marked cycle lane on the new bridge to save accidents with the pedestrians and many crazy cyclists (letters, July 3), many, many people have made contact totally agreeing.

Now they are asking me if I have heard anything from the council that this is in hand. You must be joking! Will we ever until an accident happens?

Also, if I may mention the loss of that beautiful, double blossom tree in Pond Road, at the community centre. No questions, just gone.

It was doing no harm, just a joy to behold when in blossom every year. Hey ho.

Continuing the no.19 no buses on Sundays and bank holidays saga, I spoke with Compass Travel and have been told that they are ruled by West Sussex County Council’s decision.

So, everyone on Shoreham Beach, if you need a no.19 bus on Sundays and bank holidays to allow you freedom to travel, you know what to do. Write to the council with demands.

Does West Sussex County Council not care that elderly people, the disabled and mothers cannot go out on these days? Remember who pays the rates.

Barry Mishon


Shoreham Beach

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