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Your letters

While the chairman of Adur and Worthing Safer Communities Partnership may be aware of the safety measures that have been introduced at the skate park, it is not immediately obvious as to what they are.

He says of my letter that I am ‘clearly unaware’, which I accept as I have no connection to the partnership.

Although the chairman says ‘the location was chosen as it provides a natural surveillance from passers-by to discourage unacceptable behaviour’, to the contrary, the youngsters relish bad behaviour.

I wouldn’t describe throwing bicycles and motorcycles at each other and smashing skateboards into the fencing as acceptable behaviour. Indeed, rather than being natural surveillance, the behaviour is threatening and intimidating.

It can be quite scary passing the skate park when there are so many angry youngsters around, shouting and swearing at each other, and all this makes me wonder as to how it was that the skate park was put in such a public area.

Although the chairman talks of ‘safety’, is he referring to the safety of skateboarders or pedestrians?

John Stevens

Corbyn Crescent


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