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The year-long campaign to persuade the Government to organise and fund national commemorations and celebrations at the time of the 70th anniversary of VE Day on May 8 has come to a successful conclusion.

William Hague’s announcement on March 15 that the occasion will be marked by three days of events across the country was as a result of the interest and support shown in one form or another by a small group people.

They include: Dame Vera Lynn, The Daily Mail’s Robert Hardman (his article on February 2 moved the Prime Minister to immediate action), Tim Loughton MP, Vernon Coaker MP, Rosie Cooper MP, Nigel Farage MEP, Ben James from The Argus, Elaine Hammond from the Shoreham Herald, Paul Lay from History Today, and, not least, the small band of brothers and sisters who signed the online petition (small only because of my ignorance of social media!).

This will be the last major anniversary when veterans and those who served at home will be able to gather in some numbers.

The events announced by the Government will provide a fitting tribute to this country’s ‘finest generation’ and to the greatest day in this country’s history. They will also raise awareness for this generation and, in turn, future generations.

The bravery, sacrifice, fortitude and sense of duty of the World War Two generation stand as an example for all time.

We must remember them.

Neil Coppendale

Church Green


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