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Many Herald readers would, no doubt, have seen the recent report in the national press, which makes disturbing reading for us in this part of Sussex.

Speaking on the consequences of uncontrolled immigration, Professor Robert Rowthor, emeritus professor of economics of Cambridge University, predicts, among other things, that the expected population increase of 20million within 50 years will require us to build on our green belt land.

This report, in its entirety, albeit more lucid and detailed, coincidentally verifies in essence the point I was able to make in this column several weeks ago (letters, July 24), namely that with vast overcrowding, due to Britain’s open borders, matters can only continue to deteriorate.

Green belt land to us in Lancing, Shoreham and Southwick includes Lancing Clump areas, open land between the flyover and Bramber, eastwards to Southwick Tunnel, as well as Southwick Hill area. This last named already has single-track access to Upper Kingston Lane and is prime contender for development to full-width, metalled road.

Mindful, therefore, that there is little to equal the missionary zeal of an English council in full compulsory purchase mode, which of these green spaces, I ask, is due for even partial obliteration by concrete and, for that matter, just how safe in the long-term are Adur Recreation Ground and Buckingham Park?

To those questioning the veracity of this report, its author, Prof Rowthorn, is a former consultant to the International Monetary Fund and the UN trade and development commission, as well as a long-standing adviser to Whitehall departments, and is, I suggest, not someone you would discount lightly.

I do submit, however, that while Prof Rowthorn is well qualified to describe the symptoms and diagnose the disease, it only requires common sense and a minimum of logic to pinpoint the cure. As our rights to vote, either way, on this matter have been politically removed, the only way we can avoid inevitable building blight on our green spaces is for Britain to withdraw our membership of the European Union and, despite verbal brickbats from local detractors, I hereby reiterate that advice, with added conviction.

Colin Burgoyne



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