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It has recently been reported that hospitals have been told to free up beds, or face Easter crisis.

What a boon Southlands Hospital would be in the freeing up blocked beds.

I know this seems to have been sadly firmly rejected, but I do still hope that Beeding House, which has woefully only recently had much work and money spent on it, could still possibly be salvaged from demolition to deal with the number of patients who have had surgery and whom, as recent research showed, are having to be readmitted shortly after they have been discharged – they not being ready to cope at home, as happened with my friend’s father. It could also help in the freeing up of beds.

How wonderful it would be that a hospital which, as part of the wording of a report just a mere four years ago, had bucked the national trend, could be used again.

The Herald reported online at 8am on Friday, October 21, 2011: “Southlands Hospital has bucked the national trend and gained praise for its care of the elderly.

“Last week, a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) hit the headlines, when it called for a system-wide change in the way elderly people are cared for.

“Southlands Hospital, in Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham, was one of the 100 hospitals inspected.

“Unlike some of the hospitals, however, inspectors found Southlands was meeting essential standards for quality and safety.”

The report, published by the CQC, said: “We spoke to many patients and some relatives and all told us they had no reason to complain about anything.”

So, would it not be wonderful if the people of Shoreham could once again be proudly rewarded by at least some part of Southlands Hospital, which has existed since 1896, should be allowed to continue on in this so essential and rewarding tradition in Beeding block, or even another such building?

There is a saying you cannot keep all your eggs in one basket. Or rather all your beds in one hospital – Worthing.

R. Edwards



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