Flu jabs so vital

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As we head further into October, Diabetes UK is recommending everyone with diabetes takes up the offer of a free flu jab from their GP as soon as possible.

People with diabetes are categorised as a ‘high-risk group’ when it comes to getting flu, and so are entitled to receive a free immunisation from age six months. But nearly a third of people with diabetes under the age of 65 are still not getting the jab.

Having flu can upset diabetes control and cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate, leaving people with diabetes open to many health problems, including complications of flu such as pneumonia and bronchitis. We know that people with diabetes under the age of 65 are about five times more likely to die from the flu than those who don’t have the condition in this age group.

It really is vital to have the flu jab every year as the vaccine protects against different strains of flu which evolve each year.

So if you have diabetes and haven’t yet been invited for a free flu jab, please contact your surgery to find out when they are holding clinics.

Jill Steaton

regional manager

Diabetes UK



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