Ferry Road saga

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Your letters

I would like to congratulate the Adur County Local Committee’s performance during their meeting last night, where they were confronted with having to make an extremely difficult decision regarding the Ferry Road, Shoreham Beach, enhancement scheme.

Such a decision clearly would have to be a compromise and one which would satisfy both the local residents and, indeed, the local businesses, including the protection of one of Shoreham’s important hards.

The final decision was taken after considerable and careful deliberation and which met with the satisfaction of the many concerned Beach residents who packed the hall, who accepted the criteria that a compromise would have to be made by all parties but with the least pain to everyone involved. So, at last, the scheme can now proceed without any further delay.

I feel the performance of the committee chairman, Mrs Mockridge, throughout is worthy of credit, particularly her closing statement in which she outlined her concerns regarding the unnecessary delay in bringing this sensitive scheme into fruition.

It became abundantly clear to everyone, councillors and the public alike, that this was not one of the Adur officers’ better performances.

I found it somewhat unfortunate that this chairman failed to have the support of councillors Metcalfe and Kennard. The latter’s scathing comments, directed at the local businesses who had suffered throughout this saga, were both unnecessary and uncalled for.

Beryl Ferrers-Guy

Southview Road


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