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Your letters

I have recently learned that the improvements to Ferry Road on Shoreham Beach and the nearby car park are in danger of being withdrawn by West Sussex County Council due to some 250 letters of objection submitted as a result of a mailshot organised by the three traders at the northern end of Ferry Road (Beachcomber Hairdressers, Robert Baker, the accountant, and Pritchard’s Embroiderers).

While I don’t want to suggest that all the objections are not legitimate, I am concerned they have been based on inaccurate information within the mailshot, which was hand-delivered to large numbers of properties on the Beach.

The summary item number in that letter stated that double yellow lines will be painted along the remainder of Ferry Road. Clearly, people in receipt of that letter fear a significant amount of parking is going to be removed – rather than just the four restricted parking spaces within the service road outside the three businesses. This is not the case and parking will still be allowed on the western side of the road, by the flats, as confirmed by Adur District Council.

While people have every right to object and I have no problem whatsoever with that right, what concerns me is that a fair number of people who have said no as a result of that mailshot may have done so due to erroneous information.

I would ask those people and everyone of the Beach residents who are keen to see the improvements to Ferry Road and the nearby car park to register their yes vote to West Sussex County Council highways department and check the Traffic Regulation Order on their website.

It is Lower Beach Road by the Waterside Inn that will have double yellow lines, not Ferry Road.

Shoreham Beach Residents’ Association supports proposals to landscape the area around the new Adur Ferry Bridge, the Lower Beach Road car park and Ferry Road and logged their support as part of the TRO consultation exercise, which ended at the beginning of this month. It is not too late for residents to register agreement.

I am now deeply concerned that the whole scheme may be in jeopardy.

Cllr Liza McKinney

Marine Ward

Old Fort Road

Shoreham Beach

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