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Your letters

I write in response to the letter from parliamentary candidate Carl Walker (Herald, January 22).

Firstly, let me say how encouraged I am that more citizens are becoming involved in politics, rather than leaving it all to the trusty (I don’t think so) old political elites.

I would like to stress that the NHS is indeed safe in UKIP hands. We are fully committed to a service free at the point of delivery and one that remains in the public domain.

As I stated in my NHS article earlier in January, I do not sign up to the idea that things have to be privatised to be efficient.

The notion that it is difficult to restore public control when private contracts come to an end is quite correct.

However, if sufficient physical infrastructure is retained in the NHS, when a contract ends the private provider will no longer need to employ those staff and they could conceivably come back to the NHS with the associated skills.

Not simple perhaps, but not impossible either.

Much better, of course, is not to privatise the function in the first place and that is why I am against the out-sourcing of the musculo-skeletal service at Worthing.

UKIP would allocate an additional £3bn of funding to front-line NHS services, but we must remember the NHS has the word ‘National’ in it. It is for our nation, not a freebie for global all-comers.

We believe that people coming into the UK from outside should be required to show evidence of health insurance to ensure that any health care required here is financially underwritten by them, not by the British taxpayer.

When I travel abroad, nobody puts their hands in their pockets to pay for my health care!

I note Dr Walker failed to engage with me on that point, although it was a major component of my argument.

Mike Glennon

parliamentary candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham, and UKIP opposition leader on West Sussex County Council

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