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In 1975, when we voted to stay in the then Common Market, we were assured by politicians that, as this was a trade issue only, Britain’s sovereignty would remain intact.

However, when the EU free movement policy necessitated the dismantling of UK border controls, this not only infringed our sovereignty, it has led directly to today’s dangerously overworked hospital services and doctors’ surgeries, overcrowded state schools and housing shortages.

We also ‘enjoy’ tented immigrant enclaves within city parks and spaces, as well as thousands of illegal immigrants – all living a tax-free existence.

The British people who live with and pay for this shambles, however, have no way whatsoever of changing this situation, as we now know that Westminster signed away all rights of veto on the EU government responsible for this nightmare.

All these problems are symptomatic of an undemocratic process and can, therefore, only get worse.

To anyone doubting the importance of Britain regaining the status of sovereign nation, I would ask what was Britain’s involvement with World War Two, if it wasn’t affirmation of the country’s unequivocal belief in the democratic principle?

So why is now somehow acceptable to hand it over to some shambolic, freespending outfit in Europe?

This alone is tantamount to a two-finger gesture to every Briton who died in order we retain it.

Colin Burgoyne



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