End in sight?

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Is there any end in sight, you ask?

We moved to Lancing in September, 2012, and since that fateful day, we have had delays and disruption to apparently alleviate the problems we encountered due to flooding in the area. The constant tankers and pumping were unbearable. The works on the A27 did not did not help the situation, as the pumping, again with tankers, etc., happened the following year.

Just when we thought all was quiet again, the work started on the A27, a cycle lane then the replacement of a perfectly workable pedestrian crossing, now being replaced with a toucan crossing.

How long must residents in this area be subjected to delays and on- lane closures?

I laughed at the warning for the Shoreham Airshow via the A27 as being ‘possible delays’.

When isn’t there a delay?

Annie Taylor

Manor Close


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