Dust is nothing

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What is wrong with people with a bit of dust that won’t harm anybody (Herald, June 19 and 26)?

The trouble is, everybody is new into the area, so did not live there when we used to have a very smelly, dusty place called the gas works, nor have all the dust from a coal-fired power station, which was a double whammy with the dust outside and then out of the chimneys at the end.

Those of us in Southwick and Shoreham also had the glue works in Dolphin Road with the awful smells.

No wonder people can’t eat this, that and any other. Everything is so clean.

I was sent the other day an email for the over-50s, like we are soil, worms scraped our knees on concrete in playgrounds. Not now, children have two-feet of safety surface if they are allowed out, most only play indoors.

So, come on people in Portslade, a bit of dust is nothing.

Mark Flower

Holmbush Close


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