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After reading the letter from the FoMPF (Herald, September 11), asking for Steyning Parish Council to resign, I felt I had to write in.

There was a democratic vote in the town on the issue of a skate park at the Memorial Playing Field and the majority of people in Steyning voted in favour of it.

Before this vote, the FoMPF had been asking that the council ‘stick’ to the result of this.

The vote was in favour of the skate park and the council proceeded with their plans, only to be met with opposition at every turn from the FoMPF (a very vocal minority in Steyning).

So, the result of this is the council has had to put the plans on hold at the moment.

The village green was registered in the names of the FoMPF, purely to stop the skate park.

The FoMPF actions have resulted in an increase of 18 per cent on our parish council tax this year, to defend their decisions in the high court.

It is a sad day for democracy when the tactics of a minority overrule a democratic vote of the majority.

What example are we setting to the youth in Steyning? The message we are giving is that adults don’t behave in an ‘adult’ manner and democracy is a farce because whatever the outcome, if you shout loudly enough, you can override it.

I am a Steyning resident who doesn’t need to hide behind the anonymity of a group name.

If I lived on the edge of the Memorial Playing Field, I would still be supporting the skate park. I really do believe that we need to provide the youngsters in Steyning with something to do.

Lisa Beaney

Horsham Road


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