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Your letters

As soon as the summer arrives, the hordes of travellers swarm over the Sussex coastal region, causing disruption, aggravation and possibly other illegal activities.

These travellers, who do not pay any taxes, have no regard for people’s property, taking over recreation grounds, company property and any other place they can get.

On many sites, we all know they have broken into some of these locations but for various reasons are not prosecuted like all of us would be.

While in place, they tap into someone’s else’s water supplies, which they do not pay for, and then leave an unsightly mess for the local authorities to clean up, and in many cases this includes serious environmental work to make the area safe again.

This is all costing local authorities a fortune, which ultimately comes from us tax-payers. In a lot of cases, police are reluctant to take action and some cases will facilitate the travellers entering a site. What is going on?

If this continues, the only result will be vigilante action by groups who do not see they have any other choice but to take the law into their own hands as the law does not support the vast majority.

I know that the local councils try their hardest within the law and the police have limited powers and are reluctant to use them for fear of being accused of victimisation.

The law needs to change, and quick, before we all lose total confidence in the authorities and take our own action.

Ron George

Freshbrook Road


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