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Your letters

Steyning Parish Council has abandoned its MPF skate park application exactly two years after we told councillors all the reasons why the village green status would mean the skate park could not be built.

We think the public is entitled to know why the council ignored this and all the other warnings, while racking up thousands of pounds in fees and administrative time - all paid for by the public. Meanwhile, social tensions in Steyning reach breaking point.

Even now, it is intending to put further public resources into trying to set aside the village green registration, after sitting on its hands for 18 months since it was registered.

Meanwhile, it is still ignoring the expert warnings that the skatepark will be too noisy for this location.

Will history repeat itself and, after another long delay and at further great public expense, our predictions turn out to be right again? The council has refused even to listen to the presentation from our noise engineer, which he gave to Horsham Council.

We call on those responsible for this fiasco to resign.

Friends of Memorial Playing Field

Newham Lane


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