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Your letters

I live in north Lancing, I work in Hangleton for Sussex Partnership, and have been a nurse for 29 years. I have been off sick for eight months due to seizures and I am not allowed to drive.

I feel there is a major problem in north Lancing with the buses. A No.9 comes once an hour and on Sundays, there are no buses. The railway station is a half-hour walk and I cannot see how some of the public who are disabled and elderly would be able to walk to the seafront for a No.700 bus.

I have emailed Stagecoach about this situation and have asked if a No.9 could be put on half-hourly.

Also, a bus should be put on that would be able transport the public to Shoreham, Southwick, Portslade, Hove and Brighton along Old Shoreham Road, as it must give great anxiety to the elderly and disabled to keep changing buses, and time- consuming.

I feel in today’s world there should be more choice and to motivate their independence, as on a Sunday they would not be able to have choice to go further away.

I had to get a No.9 in the week to Holmbush and change twice. With two other buses, this was very expensive to get to Hangleton, when I wish to go back to work, I have been told you cannot use a free bus pass before 9.30am – I have to be on a shift for 8am. Time cannot be the only thing in this situation – I am speaking for all people who use public transport from Lancing.

For me to work, I need transport and it will cost £4.40 for the Stagecoach bus, or an all-day hop bus ticket from Holmbush is £8, and the anxiety could bring on seizures on the way to work. As far as I know, I can’t use a disabled bus pass before 9.30am.

Some of us choose to work. I have a car but I can’t use it, so on Sunday, I have no transport. Surely, disabled people should not be discriminated against by not being able to use their pass before 9.30am?

I have helped and carried for people for 29 years and I feel for others in this situation. Haywards Heath gets buses to Brighton, a night bus and a Metro bus, plus free buses to all the hospitals. Why is Lancing excluded?

T. Nye

Old Shoreham Road


• Editor’s note: West Sussex County Council said free bus travel is available for disabled people with a bus pass. The disabled person’s bus pass can be used to travel on buses across the county, as far and as often as holders like, except on the N700 night bus. They can also be used anywhere in England but are limited to use from 9.30am to 11pm in any other local authority.

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