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Some readers may remember a letter I wrote last summer describing son-of-Shoreham, Hubert Scott-Paine’s achievements, and suggesting that the new footbridge be named after him. It was not to be.

However, a copy was also sent to the Brighton and Hove bus company, suggesting that at least they name a bus after him. I heard no more, until, while waiting at some traffic lights today, I was delighted to see a No. 5 bus with his name on it!

A check on the internet shows that said bus came into service in June, 2013. There is also a nice write-up, though it fails to mention Scotty’s world water speed records. It also attributes the existence of the Spitfire to his hiring of one Reginald Mitchell, which though true, only gives part of the story.

Together with Lady Houston, Scotty was a key sponsor of the Schneider trophy-winning Supermarine S6B. Arguably, this is what was key to the development of the Spitfire. It got no backing from the UK Government!

Another famous son of Shoreham, pioneer aviator Cecil Pashley, also has a memorial bus – this time on the No. 6 route. What a pity that neither the 5 nor the 6 go anywhere near Shoreham!

Mike Wooldridge



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