Best avoided!

Your letters
Your letters

I’ve recently discovered a blackcurrant-flavoured soft drink which is ‘with sweeteners’.

It will probably appeal to young children due to the lid and also the cringe-making name of the product.

However, in very small print which is very difficult to read unless one has excellent eyesight, is a list of ingredients, most of which, in my opinion, are best avoided.

What really worries me is that it admits some of the ingredients may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

I hope this is enough to discourage any parent from buying this drink.

Rita Holroyd

South Farm Road


What a puzzle

Of all the newspaper codeword puzzles, I generally find yours the most difficult.

Despite being reasonably well-educated, two words in the week before last’s solution left a lot to the imagination: ‘agamas’, a breed of lizard, and ‘natatory’, a reference to swimming. Let’s hope for more success with this week’s.

Barry Mitchell

Brighton Road


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