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I am replying to Richard Packham’s letter (Herald, August 28) about the loss of public hards. We have been fighting this for years.

I and a group of people have formed the Shoreham Slipway Group (SSG). We have all given a lot of effort and time over the years going to meetings, etc., also our own committee meetings.

We always come up against some obstacle in one way or another. These public hards mean nothing to Adur Council. That is why time and time again, planning permission is granted to have them built on, without a thought about local fishermen wanting to use them.

We, the SSG, have stood up in meetings, had our say, but been totally ignored. There are people above us who know nothing about traditions or what Shoreham is classed as - a maritime port.

Stows Yard will be lost completely and Sussex Yacht Club will benefit from that.

Until we get people in positions who understand the importance of the public hards, this is always going to happen. They will all soon be gone. Loads have disappeared already.

You have to get a crown court order to close a public hard. I am still waiting to hear about the order to close the mentioned hards. I have heard nothing yet.

I know there is a concrete road under Surry Hard. I used to watch the digger scrape it out as a lad.

The hards are owned by West Sussex County Council but Adur has given planning permission to build on them.

Paul Collins

Hillrise Avenue


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